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Will I Get the Job?

Will I Get the Job?

When looking for a job people worry about many things: base salary, hours, location, benefits, promotion, and growth in the industry. The list goes on, however, for many, the list goes even further because of their tattoos.  The main question is “Will I even be considered for the job? What if my employer doesn’t like tattoos?!” In today’s society, the Tattoo stigma is still alive. Many employers are highly against tattoos in the workplace and have strict policies about them in their Employee Handbooks. A recent study was taken from the Pew Research Center, where they found that nearly 40% of people between ages 18-29 have a least one tattoo and or a body piercing ( as a form of self- expression). In a perfect world, people would only be judged at work for their work ethic; yet this study shows that 2,675 people advise us that we do not live in a “perfect world”.  Today people are not solely judged on their work ethic, but on their character and appearance as well. Get ready, some of these facts might shock you!

Three  main questions were asked to employers and their employees about tattoos in the workplace:

Are Tattoos inappropriate in the Workplace?

Is Age Relevant?

Does a Tattoo Reveal Education Level?

Let’s take each question and break the results down. “


The  Pew Research Center study shows, out of 2,675 employers and employees, 76% feel that tattoos and body piercings negatively affect your chances of being hired, 39% believe employees with tattoos reflect badly on their employers, 42% feel tattoos are inappropriate at work, and 55% feel the same about body piercings. When it comes to finding a job we urge you to ask the immediate question, “ Is this company accepting of employees with visible tattoos?” Make sure you will find a Company that can accept you. Once you discover the culture of the company and how they want to be perceived, you can either go for the interview or find a place that is more accepting of your tattoos.


The Pew Research Center found out that the older you are, the less tolerant you are regarding tattoos. People from the ages 18-25 were more accepting of tattoos, while as a whole 22% of the office claimed they were inappropriate. Decades ago tattoos had a completely different meaning then they do today. Each generation may have different views on the “correct” way to live life. Their values are set and will most likely not be flexible to change. When researching the company you want to work for, research the average employee age to get an idea of the culture.



This study found that the more educated you’re the less likely you are to have or condone tattoos.

Here are some interesting statistics:

20% of people with tattoos are high school graduates

19% have an Associates Degree

10% have their Bachelors Degree

3-8% have a Masters or Ph.D.

These statistics may also correlate with employers impressions of a candidate with Ink. In some cases, if you want to be perceived as more educated, or more intelligent, it may be best to hold off on that tattoo until you land the job you want….or do a good job of covering it.

Upbringing and environment may affect these numbers to a degree. Typically intelligence is not determined by whether or not one has a Tattoo or not, as tattoos, today are a means of self-expression. Lawyers, Doctors, even Policemen cannot have tattoos or have to be very careful with where they are placed.

At Stories of the Ink we believe you should be able to express yourself the way you want, yet, in life, there are obstacles that can get in the way. The best advice we can give all of you is that it is always important to research the culture of the company you will be applying to. Make sure you fit in with them, have the same values, are able to vibe with coworkers.  


If you have any questions about this study or just want to chat about tattoos, email us at! We’re always here for you!



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