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What is This Going to Feel Like?

What is This Going to Feel Like?

Getting a tattoo can be a thrilling experience!  However, there is always that “fear factor” that comes to mind when getting inked.  Of the most misunderstood feelings during the tattoo process, is the actual feeling of the tattoo being created.  The feeling of being tattooed can differ for every person; everyone has a different pain tolerance, tattoo location, Tattoo size,  design and detail, and different mental states. Some are more relaxed getting a tattoo, while others have anxiety, and nerves take over.  Below is some information to prepare your “Pre Tattoo” for the overall experience. Hopefully, this will help you to relax your mind, body, and nerves. prior to the tattoo process.

The Tattoo Shops Atmosphere/ Overall Mental State:

Every tattoo shop is unique in their own way, however, one thing many shops have in common is the relaxing atmosphere.  When hiring employees, Shop Owners make sure their employees represent the business. Most tattoo parlors are filled with friendly, calming, and experienced tattoo artists.    

Having other artists there with other clients is reassuring to the client.  One will notice that others are ‘Okay’ and that the noises from the tattoo gun are not as intimidating as they assumed.    A positive about having other artists tattooing while someone waits is that the clients can mingle amongst each other. Being in an environment where everyone is about to go through the same experience is a calming effect and can help to put someone’s mind at ease.  Talking to others who already have tattoos for advice, calming techniques, and pain tolerance, ultimately helps the human mind calm down. If someone goes into the tattoo shop saying, “ I can’t do this, this is going to hurt”, then you are already psyching yourself out.  

Having the company of others will help you relax and know that everything will be okay.   Talk to the artist! The tattoo artist will answer any questions you have, reassure you that you will be okay, and if you feel discomfort or would like a break, they will stop for you to catch your breath. You got this!


Scratching, Sharp, Stinging, Burning Sensations

Before getting a tattoo many people ask those who have tattoos already about how it feels or what is to be expected.  Many people say it feels like a “cat scratch”, however, if you’ve been scratched by a cat you know this is not what a tattoo feels like.  The scratching feeling some describe comes when the tattoo needle is in the same area of skin repeatedly. This “scratching pain” is not intolerable, however, it does get uncomfortable.  

The “ sharp pain” feeling is very similar to the “scratching feeling”.  It feels as though the needle is going deeper than most needles, but do not be alarmed!  That is not the case! Many tend to feel this pain in more sensitive areas of the body and for smaller tattoos.  This is an uncomfortable feeling, but power through it, the end result is your dream tattoo!

The “stinging/ burning” feeling comes when the needle is going over the same spot repeatedly.  The stinging or burning feeling is very similar to the sharp pain feeling. depending on the tattoo location.  One tends to feel more of a burning feeling in high-fat levels of body parts like the thighs, stomach, and butt.


At  we want all our fans to get their dream tattoos!  We advise that before going to a tattoo shop, you take a step back and see if you’re physically, and mentally ready for a tattoo.  If you feel nervous, or have questions go to our Tattoo Directory. There you can communicate with local tattoo artists in your area and ask all the questions you need!

Happy Tattooing!

Yours, Zoe


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