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Wait… This is the Fastest Fading Spot?

Wait… This is the Fastest Fading Spot?

It is inevitable that tattoos will fade.  Fading occurs over time due to the “invisible” UV Rays from the sun.  Some areas will fade faster than others, depending on the placement of your tattoo. The Sun tends to bleach out the color of your tattoo and is just one of several factors that can lead to fading., A tattoo that tends to be rubbed or covered by clothing is also subject to fading. If the tattoo is placed on the body where the skin could endure a lot of damage, or the skin is thicker, the ink has a higher risk of fading.  There are five body parts that tend to fade faster than other places: 

  1. Arms
  2. Elbows
  3. Face
  4. Hands
  5. Feet


Your arms are a part of the body that is often exposed to the Sun; wearing a short sleeve shirt, hanging your arm out a car window, at a BBQ the beach, or playing sports, etc.  Having your arms exposed means your skin tends to get darker over the summer months. When the skin gets darker, your tattoo fades faster because the pigments of the tattoo ink are separating. 



Your elbow is connected to your arm, so, you guessed it!  This area will fade faster as well. The elbow is one of the hardest places to tattoo on the body because the skin is very thick, and getting the tattoo ink to stay in place is very challenging for the artist.  The elbow endures a lot of bumps and hits throughout life. Use moisturizer and caution, or the elbow tattoo will fade. 


Cosmetic tattoos are only guaranteed for 2-3 years.  The face, just like the arms are exposed to the Sun more often than other parts of the body.  To protect your face, use sunscreen, makeup with sunscreen, and moisturizer with sunscreen in it to protect your face and tattoo ink.  Can you tell we really want you to use sunscreen! 


Like elbows, the hands have thicker and tougher skin than other parts of the body.  Hands endure many different things every day. When getting a tattoo on your hands, keep in mind that the ink is not going to be as bright as other places on the body.  Since the hands are “hands-on” in everyday life any tattoo there will fade faster.  



For feet, tattoos the key to keeping your tattoo bright and looking new is a moisturizer.  Feet are constantly being rubbed by socks, shoes, and walking on different ground textures.  Foot skin is thicker and drier than most parts of the body, so keeping the area moisturized is key to keeping your tattoo looking brand new. 


At  we want everyone’s tattoos to be their dream tattoo.  We advise that before getting a tattoo, talk to your tattoo artist and ask them if your tattoo placement is the most ideal spot for you.  Tattoos are expensive, at Stories of the Ink, we want you to have a tattoo that lasts long and does not fade faster than they should. If you have any questions, email us at

Yours, Zoe 

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