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Uh Oh… What did I Just Do?

What’s the one thing everyone always tells you when they hear you’re getting a tattoo? “ Are you sure you want that? You know that’s permanent and will stay with you forever right?” Many of us have had this talk with their parents or friends before getting their tattoo; I know I have! When people get a tattoo it’s either a spur of the moment adventure or it is a very meaningful gesture!

Sometimes, when people want a tattoo, the image they have in their head does not transfer well on their body (or body part). There are times when the artist might not have replicated what the person wanted. Other times, when people get a tattoo they love it in the moment. As years can go by they may realize they have outgrown their tattoo and it no longer works in their current life; meaning career or family. This is when tattoo removal comes into play!

Here are some things you might not have known about tattoo removals!


  • Make sure you go to a doctor


I would recommend using a Professional. Go to a Doctors office/ Dermatologists/ Plastic Surgeon. Avoid going to a “spa” where the tattoo is zapped off; I would not recommend this due to the potentially increased amounts of scarring and burning.


  • The tattoo removal process will not be quick


Tattoo removals can take months if not years to fully remove. Depending on your tattoo (colors, size, etc) you may need multiple sessions to complete the removal. With each laser treatment, new pigments are being broken down, making this process time consuming because each time you go back it’s a new breakdown of pigment.


  • It’s expensive


When you go to the Doctor the bill for each session can be hundreds of dollars; the average cost per session is $463.


  • All Ink can be taken out


It once was thought that light colors can be hard to remove. Many doctors have stated that all color WILL disappear! With new technology, Doctors have said that now you can even get yellows and greens out which used to be the stubborn colors to remove.


  • Get Ready for Needles  Mentally prepare yourself that your session will not be a quick laser moment; some sessions can last up to an hour. Each session starts with cleaning the surface, then an injection of lidocaine for freezing to minimize any pain, and then the laser comes. Finally, you ice the area and bandage up!
  • There could be pain afterward


Once you leave the office you still may feel some pain. Everyone’s threshold for pain is different. Some have said that they experience pain for a week after the session.  After the session it is normal to see blisters, scabs, and peeling; These are important things to notice because that means it is healing well. Keep the area clean! Aftercare is the most important part of getting a tattoo removed. Follow your Doctor’s orders for aftercare to avoid any chance of infection.


I hope this information helps!

If you have further questions feel free to email us!

Yours, Zoe


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