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Top Tattoo Shops in NYC

49% of Americans aged 19 to 29 are inked. New York City has a long lasting history of art and tattooing. To keep the tradition of NYC alive, some of the most incredible Tattoo Artists are right around the corner! In NYC everyone wants the best of the best tattoos. The top 8Tattoo Shops in NYC are :

Williamsburg Tattoo​ – ​164 N 6th St Brooklyn, NY 11211- “From small to large,anatomical to floral, conceptual to traditional. Rustin’s designs are as distinctive and unique as the people who proudly wear them.”

Daredevil Tattoo​ – ​ 141 Division St, New York, NY 10002-When tattooing was legalized in NYC in 1997, Daredevil Tattoo opened their doors! They also showcase a museum of Tattoo History that displays artifacts and focuses on NYCs Tattoo history.

Last Rites Tattoo and Art Gallery​ – ​325 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018-IfSurrealism and Dark Art is your thing, check out Last Rites Tattoo! They boast 2 Galleries as well that focus on Surrealism and Representational Art. The owner is known to recruit the best artists…worth checking out!

Saved Tattoo -​​ 426 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211- Their website features many intricate black & white tattoos, and Tattoos with vibrant colors. They feature guests artists as well! See who their next guest will be on their website!-East Side Ink​ -​ 95 Avenue B, New York, NY 1000- Since 1992 (one of the oldest NYC shops), they began exclusively with inking the Bikers. Today they cater to anyone in the neighborhood as well as some Oscar winning celebs!

Sena Tattoo​ – ​229 Centre St, New York, NY 10013- They specialize in Japanese,Traditional, and Realistic Art. Stop by to see their Art Gallery that includes art from world renowned artists!

Bang Bang​ – ​328 Broome St, New York, NY 10002-With 2 NYC locations, the owner has tattooed for the likes of Rihanna and Lebron James. Each artist has their own specialization whether it be ornamental, black and white, etc.

Grit N Glory​ – ​ 186 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002- Unique! A boutique that boasts the Rock N Roll lifestyle and features the Megan Massacre Tattoo Studio.

East River Tattoo​ – ​1047 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222- Go to their website and check out the artists! So many different talented artist, styles, and textures!

Soho Ink​ – ​ 285 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10012-Lots of artists and a schedule of unique guest artists as well! They also do permanent Make Up and Piercings! A One Stop Shop….they can do it all!

When looking for the best Tattoo Shop and Artist, NYC has the best of every different style tattoo. American, Realistic, Surreal, Macabre, Artsy Designs, Detail, Traditional Japanese,Micro, Color, and Hand-Poked. Each of these shops excel in tattoo art and cleanliness. Each shop is welcoming, and staffed with the best Tattoo Artists in the city. All these shops have the same moral goal; to give the public the best tattoo art they deserve!

Brooklyn is becoming the new up and coming place to be. Just outside of NYC, Stories of the Ink has found some of the best tattoo shops in Brooklyn for all of those who want their dream tattoo. At Williamsburg Tattoo ​you will find the one and only Rustin Ruvilla. ​Rustin is an extremely customer focused business owner who is able to adapt his style to whatever his client’s vision is. He is a chameleon who can create anything from realism to surrealism.Whether it be a black and grey portrait to “new school” bright color art, animations, or Neo traditional art, he can create it. If you find yourself in Brooklyn, and want a one of a kind tattoo,in a clean and comfortable tattoo shop, go see Rustin or our other featured Tattoo Shops!

At ​ Storiesoftheink we want everyone to find the best Tattoo Artist and shop for your future tattoo dreams. Visit our Tattoo shop directory and find the best NYC Tattoo Artist and Shop near you!





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