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They Have a Tattoo?! No Way?!

They Have a Tattoo?! No Way!

When tattoos were first introduced to the world they had a negative connotation.   Fast forward to 2019, and people all over the world now have tattoos. In Italy, 48% of its population has tattoos; making it the highest tattoo rate for a country. Sweden follows with 47% of its population tattooed, then, the US with 46% of its population with tattoos. Many of us think we know everything about our favorite celebrities. Yet, we only know what they want us to know. It might shock you to learn which celebrities have tattoos that nobody ever knew about!

When you live in the spotlight 24/7, it is important to have some secrecy when it comes to your body and personal life.  Many celebrities have tiny tattoos that are meaningful to their personal life; some show the world, while others hide them because it is for them, and not the public.

Jennifer Aniston, the face of Aveeno lotion and Rachel from Friends, has a small tattoo on her ankle for her deceased dog.   Jennifer Aniston may be described all natural, due to the Aveeno catchphrase (naturally beautiful results), and because she has so far, refrained from any cosmetic surgery, and still maintains her youthful look! Jennifer’s tattoo is hidden on her ankle with the name “Norman” on it; for her childhood pet dog who passed away in 2011.

Julia Roberts also has a tattoo that is hidden to the public.  She has her children’s and husband’s initials written on her back.  You will most likely not see this tattoo because it is in a spot on her back that is usually covered.  Julia, like Jennifer, are the perfect Paparazzi targets, so to keep some things private to the public eye is necessary for them to feel sane.  

One other important figure who had a hidden tattoo was Winston Churchhill.  Winston Churchill was a British Prime Minister who led Britain into the second World War.  He had an anchor tattooed on his forearm. When in politics it is acceptable to have tattoos but some prefer to keep them hidden from photos due to any controversy it might cause.  Another tattooed politician was Theodore Rosevelt. However, Rosevelt, unlike many others, did not care if people knew about his tattoo. He had his family crest on his chest, something most would be proud of!

At Stories of the Ink, we want everyone to feel comfortable and express their tattoos and the stories behind them.  Every tattoo has a meaning, and every meaning is important. If you have a hidden tattoo or a story that you would like to share, show us! Email us at

Every story deserves to be heard!

Yours, Zoe


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