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Temporary Tattoos are Safer… Right?

Temporary Tattoos are Safer… Right?

Summer has begun, and what better way to start the summer than showing off your ink! Men and women all over are getting ready for “good times and tan lines”, however, some might revert back to wearing long sleeve shirts due to scarring from their Henna tattoo!  WHAT?? One fear about tattooing is that it can be dangerous and cause health problems; that is why people often go the “temporary tattoo route”. One form of temporary tattoos is a Henna Tattoo. In recent studies, scientists have found that some Henna tattoos can cause massive skin problems and health issues.  

The FDA conducted a study in 2013, that warned society about the dangers of some temporary tattoos.  “Black Henna” can be found in some Henna tattoo ink. The scientific name for “Black Henna” is pphenylenediamine, or also known as PPD.  Natural Henna, is usually a reddish- brown color and seen mostly in the Indian culture and used for weddings or other special events. This natural Henna is pulled from a flowering plant, while PPD is pulled from coal tar.

Some of the most common places to see “Black Henna” is at the beach, on boardwalks, and other tourists/holiday destinations ( The information above is provided by FDA spokeswoman Tamara Ward, told by NBC News).  One might ask, “Why add PPD to Henna Tattoos?”

Well, PPD has been known to make the temporary tattoo darker, last longer,  have a temporary tattoo look, and feel like a real tattoo. Literally. With permanent tattoos, there are health risks that may arise.  With PPD, some medical risks that scientists have noticed are: redness, blisters, raised red weeping lesions, loss of skin pigmentation, permanent scarring, and increasingly sensitive to sunlight on the tattooed area.  


At  we advise that before getting any type of ink, permanent, or temporary, check with the artist and make sure the ink is FDA approved.  Tattoos, both permanent or temporary are beautiful pieces of body art, and we want your art to come out perfectly without the concern of potential medical risks.  

Happy Tattooing

Yours, Zoe

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