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Meet Oliva and Nora

Meet Oliva Oatman; the first known white woman with tattoos. Oliva’s life had been anything but normal. In the 1850s, during a trip to California with her family, Yavapai Indians attacked.

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Tattooed Ladies

Where did tattooing come from?  According to a ship’s log from Captain Cook, while in Polynesia he interacted with “tattooed savages” (women who were tattooed).   In the eighteenth century,

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Halloween is Around the Corner

With Halloween around the corner, Tattoo inspiration is at a peak!  Inspiration arises from what we love, find meaningful, and how we express ourselves.    Here at Stories of the Ink, we want our

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Happy October

It’s that time of the year when the air gets cool,  and the sound of children fill the night. People of all ages dress-up into their beloved characters from films, TV shows, or history. Tis the

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Thought Process

What is Your Thought Process?  Tattoos are a unique way to express oneself. Pay attention to your thought process before getting tattooed. Here are some thoughts to consider before making your

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Rhy’s Story:

There is nothing more sacred than the bond between a mother and her child. Rhy’s tattoo client had this image tattooed on her arm. The time on the clock is the time her child was born and her life

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Uh Oh…

Uh-Oh… Have you ever had a tattoo done that you absolutely regretted?  One of our fans has a tattoo that she wishes she never got. It reads “Every new beginning comes from some new beginnings

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Donna’s Story:

Nothing is more fun than getting a matching tattoo with someone you love!  While Donna’s mother was visiting, the two of them decided to do something spooky!  On Friday the 13th they had

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Donna’s Story

Many people who get tattoos get them in memory of someone they love.  Donna had this tattoo done in memory of her dear friend Alex who passed away from cancer.  Pineapples can represent physical

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Madison’s Story

The first time someone close to you passes away can be very difficult. That’s how it was for Madison. Being a true family oriented person, Madison experienced such sadness when she lost her

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