Tattoo Stories

Jess’s Story

Do Do you have a “lucky” number?  Jess does; the number 18 has followed Jess around her whole life.  Jess’s birthday is the 18th, her father passed away on the 18th, and as a mail carrier,

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Brandon’s Story

We sometimes take our parents for granted and think they will always be there.  One of the hardest things to comprehend in life is the loss of a loved one. Brandon lost his mother a year ago, and in

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Kim’s Story

One thing a parent should never have to go through is the loss of a child.  Kim gave birth to her beautiful son Luke, who sadly lived only two days then passed away due to complications.  In memory

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CC’s Story

Death of a loved one is one of the hardest things we will encounter in life.  CC had this tattooed two years ago when she lost three babies due to miscarriage.  CC decided to get a child-friendly

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Joe’s Story

In 1989, Joe was in Haifa, Israel,  in the height of the AIDS epidemic. Joe and another sailor had a few drinks and decided to get tattoos. Joe got his tattoo first. When the artist was finishing up

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Top Stories

Rhy’s Story:

There is nothing more sacred than the bond between a mother and her child. Rhy’s tattoo client had this image tattooed on her arm. The time on the clock is the time her child was born and her life

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Uh Oh…

Uh-Oh… Have you ever had a tattoo done that you absolutely regretted?  One of our fans has a tattoo that she wishes she never got. It reads “Every new beginning comes from some new beginnings

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Donna’s Story:

Nothing is more fun than getting a matching tattoo with someone you love!  While Donna’s mother was visiting, the two of them decided to do something spooky!  On Friday the 13th they had

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Donna’s Story

Many people who get tattoos get them in memory of someone they love.  Donna had this tattoo done in memory of her dear friend Alex who passed away from cancer.  Pineapples can represent physical

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Madison’s Story

The first time someone close to you passes away can be very difficult. That’s how it was for Madison. Being a true family oriented person, Madison experienced such sadness when she lost her

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