Tattoo Videos and Episodes

Superheroes have become mainstream, so why not get the stories behind the tattoos related to our favorite superheroes and villains? In this video we compiled clips sent in by our fans of their favorite superhero tattoo or super-villain tattoo. We got raw footage as well as some nifty self edited footage of their Marvel tattoos, DC Tattoos, and we loved them. We even got some people who went into character (Gruchan as Deadpool!)

Our fans were petitioning us for a Star Trek episode after our launch of a Star wars themed episode back on May the 4th. Star Wars vs Star Trek? The discussion is real! This video features descriptions and stories behind some of our fan’s Star Trek Tattoos. These Tattoo Videos were sent in by our fans to share The Stories of Their Ink.

Some of our more macabre fans sent us in videos detailing their Horror Movie inspired tattoos! We thought that it would be a treat to our followers if we put together a little Halloween Special.

We ventured to the NY Tattoo Expo and filmed a few of the patrons to get their stories. We were lucky enough to interview the winner for Best Leg Sleeve, as well as Worst tattoo. Hear their stories

Our 2nd season kicks off on Star Wars Day with a Star Wars themed video. Almost all the content was sent in to us through our Instagram and Facebook pages!!

We went to Montauk, the very end of Long Island. We took in some sights, we stayed at the Montauk Beach House, a boutique hotel with an active daytime environment and a comfortable, warm, chill-out-by-the-fire-with-friends vibe at night. We ate, drank, relaxed, and made some new friends who shared the Stories of their Ink!

We wanted to show our support for Breast Cancer Awareness. We recieved some videos and pictures of tattoos from several women affected by Breast Cancer. There are many services that we were not aware of – one of which is the Pink Ink Fund, started by Amy Black. Amy helped find some of the episode’s contributors. Pink Ink Fund is a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization that seeks to aid people needing assistance with their post mastectomy tattoo needs as part of their Breast Reconstruction due to Breast Cancer and/or BRCA diagnosis. Areas include : Temporary Financial Assistance for Tattoo Fees, as well as Education and Outreach for Patients and the Medical Community.

We went on our first road trip and visited Talladega, Alabama. We partied with our new friends at the Big One on the Blvd and heard some of their stories.

We collected stories about the tattoos from first responders – Policemen, Firemen, Paramedics. We have some serious stories from Sept 11 2001, some nice family related stories as well as some silly tattoos that resulted from lost bets.

In our 3rd episode we went to a local gym, met some of the members, did a quick workout, and heard the Stories of their tattoos. We also took some of our viewer feedback from the first two videos and incorporated into #3. Enjoy.

In our second filming we were invited to a rehearsal of the Greater Nassau Chorus of Sweet Adelines International. We listened in, we heard the stories of some of their members, and let’s just say we hope you have good sound for this one!

In our very first episode we visited Progressive Tattoo in Lindenhurst NY. We met with local artist, Rustin Revilla, and some of his clients who shared the stories behind their tattoos.
We learned several lessons in our inaugural filming.
The stories of the people and their tattoos were really great. This was the first of our “first four” proof of concept episodes.