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Ready or Not

It was my first tattoo and I was “clueless”. I was totally ready and prepared emotionally to move forward with my first tattoo …but no one told me how to prepare physically for this milestone. I was left to my own devices. My research consisted of speaking to people, reading websites on Tattoos, looking at pictures, and reminding myself that I really want this image on my body….forever.

So, when you are ready, I have devised what I think is a very helpful checklist to use when preparing to go for your tattoo:


  • Bring your ID

Once you make your appointment and arrive at the tattoo shop, you’re directed to fill out paperwork to make sure you’re healthy and of age to get a tattoo! That’s where your ID comes in! If you don’t have your ID they will not tattoo you especially if you appear to be too young.

  • Show up early

Once you finish all your paperwork you and your artist come up with ideas of what you wanted to be done! You both come up with ideas and help each other come up with the best designs, fonts, colors, etc… This can be timely so you want to show up a few minutes early so you and the artist are able to get everything done in a timely manner. Once you get the design you want, the artist then creates a stencil and then it’s go time! You’re about to get inked!!

  • Eat a full meal before you go

Most tattoo artists will tell you when you make your appointment to come on a full stomach. A full stomach will minimize any dizziness or lightheadedness that might occur when you’re getting tattooed.  If you tend to be one who faints…eating will help to avoid any fainting spells. Most important …the artist will not finish your work…. so, eat up!

  • Drink plenty of water/ Make sure your skin is hydrated

Drinking water is very important to keep your skin healthy; Well hydrated skin helps with the healing process and recovery time.

  • Shave the area where you’re getting tattooed

Leaving hair on your body where you’re getting tattooed can obstruct the tattoo needle and cause complications during the tattoo process. However, be careful you don’t want to cut yourself shaving or have any nicks because then you can’t get tattooed until that area is completely healed.

  • Keep your skin clean

Make sure you keep your skin clean and exfoliated especially on the morning of your tattoo. Having clean skin will eliminate any infection and make the healing process easier.

  • Don’t use certain skin products

The morning of your tattoo try to avoid lotions or skin creams, everyone’s skin is very different so the best thing to do is keep the area clean so the ink doesn’t irritate your skin.

  • Wear comfortable clothes

You want to make sure that the clothes you’re wearing are comfortable for different reasons; one is you don’t know how long you will be under the gun and you want to be as comfortable as possible. Another reason to have comfy clothes is that of where you are getting your tattoo; you want the area to be easy to get too and that the clothes will not rest too much on the new tattoo! Finally, you want comfy clothes because depending on where you’re getting tattooed you might be in an uncomfortable position for a long period of time!

  • Bring a friend for moral support

You might want to bring a friend with you just to keep the jitters down! Getting a tattoo is exciting but sometimes you can psych yourself out and have second thoughts. Your friend will help you keep a sound mind and remind and that you DO want the tattoo. It’s also good to have a friend there for you so they can talk to you, and help pass the time while getting tattooed.  

So, you can thank me later..these tips will help to ensure that your tattoo experience is a positive one! More coming next week….

Email me with any topics you’d like more information on!!!!



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