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About a year ago I struggled with suicidal thoughts and depression. My self harm scars have always caught attention of people. So ive been wanting to cover them up. Im not ashamed of them it’s just not the life I live anymore. I always liked the triangle because it is the strongest shape in nature, as well as roses that symbolize love and beauty. I was scrolling on a few tattoo pages and found a design that incorporated both. I took it to Antonio at LockedNLoaded tattoo in San Marcos and told him my idea. He listened to my idea and gave his thoughts on how to make it work best and listened to my story. Looking forward to many more from him

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  1. Bryan – thank you for your post. Everyone has their story and we appreciate you sharing part of yours with us. Please have the artist who did your tattoo claim a listing on the site and leave a review for them. They did a nice job.


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