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At Stories of the Ink, we want to know all about your tattoos, the stories behind them and your experiences getting tattooed.   We have some questions that we would LOVE our followers to answer! ( answer right in the comment section!)


  1. What was your first tattoo?
  2. If you have multiple tattoos, which tattoo is the most meaningful to you?
  3. Do you have tattoo regret?
  4.  Do you get your tattoo touched up? If so, how often?
  5. Will you be getting another tattoo soon?


At Stories of the Ink, we want to hear all about your tattoo experiences and stories.  Stay involved, have your tattoo story heard and admired by our followers. DM or email us a picture of your tattoo and be featured on our social media pages and website!

Yours, Zoe

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  1. 1 &2) My first and only tattoo, I got under my chest, saying “remember who you are” It’s from my favorite childhood movie, the Lion King, and it is a reminder that in life things will change, but always stay true to who you are.
    3) I do not regret this tattoo, I love it!
    4) I have not touched my tattoo up yet, however, I probably will in a year or so because of the sun making it duller.
    5) I have 2 ideas of my next tattoos, but I will send them to Stories of the Ink so everyone can see!!!


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