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Oops… I Wish I Didn’t Do Tat!

Oops… I Wish I Didn’t Do Tat!

Getting a tattoo can be an exciting moment in your life, or it can cause you distress.  Tattoos are permanent (beside cover-ups, and laser removal), so, one should think before they ink.  Tattoo regrets have been a popular topic today; people have created TV shows about tattoo regrets and tattoo cover-ups, and there are social media pages with pictures of tattoo regrets.  

While many find tattoo regrets funny, for others it can harm their lives.  Inappropriate or funny tattoos can be humorous at the moment, however, as life evolves the tattoo may become detrimental. The young often believe that there are no consequences to their actions, but eventually learn that tattoos can have a huge impact on their future.   Some tattoo don’ts are:

  • Getting a significant other’s name tattooed on your body
  • Vulgar sayings
  • Inappropriate  images

Getting a Significant Other’s Name Tattooed on Your Body

Though you may be feeling lovestruck today, you have no idea what the future holds. Many couples who get each other’s initials or names tattooed can end in breakups and future problems.  While some go with the flow, while others get cover-ups or laser removal. Both options are expensive and can be avoided.  Many tattoo artists advise couples to avoid this type of tattoo due to the undetermined future.

Vulgar Sayings

Many tattoo regrets occur when people are intoxicated.  When the high and the hangover have passed there is often regret.  Drunk tattoos can be fun at the moment but detrimental in the long run.  Some get certain words or images tattooed on them that they believe to be funny, while on the contrary, they can be very offensive to friends, family, future employers, etc..

Inappropriate Images

Tattoos are a form of self-expression, and while many express themselves in different ways, some ways may be deemed as insensitive or inappropriate. Some examples of insensitive tattoos may be: the Ted Bundy “bite mark”, women in degrading forms, animals acting inappropriately, and the placement of certain tattoos.  We advise that before living in the moment and making these tattoo ideas permanent, you should think about how these images will affect your future work, family, and love lives.

At Stories of the Ink, we advise everyone to think before they ink.  Tattoos can show the best times in our lives, but also some of our worst judgment calls.  Before getting a “spur of the moment” tattoo, we advise you talk to your tattoo artist for their advice, as they have seen how certain tattoos look. If you have any questions on which tattoo artists to reach, or want to see different types of tattoos and how they turn out, go to

In our tattoo directory, you can see where tattoo artists post their work and can interact with others.

If you have further questions, email us at

Every story deserves to be heard!

Yours, Zoe


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