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Oh, You have this Tattoo? So Do I!

What is one of the hardest things about getting a tattoo? Picking a design, of course. Most people want their tattoo to be meaningful, but also original. People don’t want to conform to what everyone else has; they want their tattoo to be one of a kind. However, in this day an age that is very hard. More people are getting tattoos now than ever before. So when some might feel they are being original with their design, they might be mistaken. We’re here to help! Here are some of the most popular tattoos circling the globe today. Let’s see if your tattoo design is on the list.

The Tribal Tattoos

The tribal tattoos are seen on both men and women. These tattoos are generally big tattoos usually created to be a sleeve, half sleeve, or arm-band.  Some tribal tattoos have images of suns or different shapes that can mean anything to the beholder.


Arrows represent moving forward. Some are getting arrows this year to represent that they keep moving forward. Wanting to leave their past in the past and only look forward, this arrow symbolizes them moving forward and growing from their past.

Pocket Watches

Pocket watches have different meanings to everyone. For some it is a blast from the past, for others, it’s all about the class, and for others, it’s a time stamp on important events. People are getting pocket watches as reminders of times that are important to them.


Underboob tattoos are the new trend for this year. There is an abundance of underboob tattoos. Some are quotes, the new chandelier looks, and some get their favorite animals or symbols. Some underboob tattoos are small while others are large; simply a personal choice


Many have been getting the semicolons in honor of the hit TV show 13 Reasons Why. In the show, it talks about suicide and how recently bullying is worse than ever before. The semicolon is a sign to let people know there is more to their story, that they are worth it, and that people love them and care for them.


Quotes will always be one of the most popular tattoos. People get sayings that mean something to them or notes from loved ones that have passed. Quotes are very personal; your choice of a quote will mean something different meaning to each person. So, you guessed it. Your quote is one in million! Even though it’s a “typical” tattoo… it is original to you.


Many people like to get portrait tattoos. Some portraits are of loved ones that have passed, pets they love that are either still with them, or may have passed, and even family members that they adore. Portraits, even though they are the most common types of tattoos, are each unique.


religion is very important to many people. Some common religious tattoos are idols, scripture, figures, crosses, etc… Many get these for their spiritual reasons.  Religious or spiritual images are common as first tattoos, as the religious image represents something personally meaningful.


This has been a sampling of some tattoos that we find most common. There are many more tattoos that are common however, every tattoo is different to each person. Make your tattoo unique, make it you, and make it meaningful. A tattoo lasts forever. You want to make sure it’s something you can look at forever and say, “Wow, I made a great choice”. For more fan-favorite tattoos email us at and show us!

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