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My Tattoo Costs How Much?

My Tattoo Costs How Much?

Tattoos have become one of the most popular ways to express ones-self.  While self-expression is important, so is money. Tattoos can range from $50-$1,000 and up.  Before getting a tattoo there are six factors that the budget conscious might consider.

  1. The Artist
  2. The Color
  3. The Placement of the Tattoo
  4. The Design
  5. The Location of the Tattoo Shop
  6. The Size

The Artist:

Tattoos are for life unless you pay to remove them (which can be costly).  When getting a tattoo do your research to find the best artist in your area. The best artist might mean the more expensive artist.  The cost of tattoos depends upon the skill level of the artist. Artis who charge a per hour rate is typically providing a higher quality tattoo because they are paying more attention to detail.  Usually when artists work per hour the price ranges from $50-$300, however, this price range can vary based on the size and type of the tattoo.

The Color:

When choosing your tattoo design keep in mind that tattoos with a variety of colors will be more expensive than a tattoo with a single color.  Tattoos with more than one color require more attention to detail which can make the tattoo process longer. Since many artists charge per hour… You guessed it!  The more color and detail the longer the session, which means more $$$$.

The Placement of the Tattoo:

Oddly enough, the placement of your tattoo can play a part in the cost of the tattoo as well. The human body is filled with sensitive nerves.  The artist may stop and go if the client is feeling uncomfortable, therefore taking more time. Some of the more sensitive body parts are feet, hands, genitals, neck, and sternum.  Less sensitive body parts are, but not limited too, the outer thigh and butt.

The Design:

Design plays a huge factor in pricing!  If your tattoo is simple the cost (depending on the artist) can range from $50-$100.  However, if your design is more complex and has more detail then the cost could skyrocket!  The price of designs can also vary based on whether or not the tattoo is custom designed or a design the artist has done in the past.  If it is a design the artist has previously done the tattoo will not take as much time. Meanwhile, if the tattoo is an original custom design supplied by the client the artist may take longer to perfect each and every detail the way the client wants it.  

The Location of the Tattoo Shop

Location, Location, Location!  It is a game changer! Rent in cities is higher than rent in smaller towns. Areas with higher end Real Estate may charge more for their services.  Any smart business owner will take all the demographics of their location into consideration, and charge appropriately.

The Size:

Size plays a huge factor in the pricing of a tattoo!  The pricing goes back to quality and the artist. The larger and more detailed the piece is, the longer your session will be.  The longer the session, the more expensive the tattoo becomes, especially when charged by the hour. If one was to get a smaller tattoo with less detail than the price can drop drastically.

At we want all of our fans to get their dream tattoos!  We also understand that tattoos can be expensive, go to our tattoo directory and chat with some artists in your local area to get a feel on their prices!

If you have any questions or any other facts about the pricing process of tattoos, email us at

Yours, Zoe


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