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Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk:

We want all  Tattoo Enthusiasts to utilize our website as an additional form of communication with others.  Have you connected with new Tattoo Artists, shops, or fans? No? Let’s fix that! Stories of the Ink is a safe forum used to interact with others in a fun way. Check out our Scavenger Hunt to see some exotic tattoos people have sent in. Maybe it will give you some inspiration for your next Tattoo!  If you see something you like, reach out to the artist and talk! If you have not reached out to others, HOW can we help you? WHAT would you like to see on our website?

The very best way to connect is to tell your authentic story! 

If you are having trouble reaching out or not comfortable reaching out, tell us!   Stories of the Ink is your Tattoo Community.

People want to hear from you.  We are looking forward to it!

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