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Let’s Cover This Up!

Let’s Cover This Up!

Have you ever needed to cover up a tattoo for a family occasion or job interview?  Some family members and future employers do not feel the same way about tattoos as those who have tattoos do.  Stories of the Ink has done some research and found a way to “hide” your body art so no one will know that you’ve been inked.  Makeup! Who would have thought that makeup can fully cover tattoos!


Online Youtube Makeup Star, Jeffree Star, has shown his audience a way to cover-up their ink!  Many who have tattoos love them, but still need to cover them up to adhere to policies in the workplace, or at family gatherings.  This makeup technique can help anyone who needs to cover their ink for the work day, but then rock them after hours!

The first step is to camouflage tattoos.  Many tattoo inks have a blue-ish undertone to them.  To camouflage the blue undertone of the tattoo ink, you have to cover the tattoos with an orange color corrector (you have to cover colors with their opposite color. If you look at a basic color wheel, you can pinpoint what color is opposite to your tattoo color). By applying this color corrector you are priming your skin for the next steps.


The second step is to apply an anti-shine powder that is translucent.  This is to brighten the color corrector that was applied. Once applied, the next step is to apply “makeup forever, HD foundation”. This foundation will be placed over the areas with your tattoo (make sure it matches your skin tone!).  Once applied, you add a setting powder over it. Then, just like that, your tattoos are gone! This technique can be used for both male and females of all ages. Watch Jeffrey’s step by step video here

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Yours, Zoe

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