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Join the Stories of the Ink Family

Join the Stories of the Ink Family

Having a Tattoo shop can be exhilarating and yet, some shop owners are challenged with getting the word out about their business.  Have no fear, Stories of the Ink is here! At Stories of the Ink, we recognize the ins and outs of owning a Tattoo parlor, getting clients, hiring artists, keeping up to code on cleanliness, ink and equipment costs, and upholding a presentable and inviting parlor. It does not stop there! Having the parlor “approachable and well equipped” are just the beginning. Opening a business takes so much time and effort and once the doors are open, how do you market your business?  It is key to have a strong media presence to attract clients.

We have got you covered!   Our team is skilled at progressing any Tattoo Parlors online presence.  Partnered with Keen Insites, we help local Tattoo establishments to be discovered with SEO, Stories of the Ink listings, SEM, Social Media, and Web-Design.  You might be thinking, “ Where do I even begin”? Right here at!Go to the Tattoo Directory page to claim your listing! Once you claim your listing,   anyone searching for your parlor will be directed to your website. On our Tattoo Directory, people are able to leave comments, share reviews, images, and more! 

Give Keen Insites a call!  They have helped Stories of the Ink greatly!  Email CEO, Jim LaSalle at 

At Stories of the Ink, we want your tattoo parlor to reach its fullest potential.  Email us at for any guidance you may need. 

Yours, Zoe

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