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Is this Going to Hurt?

Is This Going to Hurt?

One of the biggest fears about getting tattooed is the anticipated pain.  Pain is one of the things that can alter some of your tattoo decisions. Before creating your tattoo plan, check the “pain-o-meter” to see how much it might hurt in a particular part of your body.  Below, I have listed some of the more painful places on your body for a tattoo. The skin in these areas is typically more sensitive, or there is more bone involvement.


  1. Ribcage
  2. Head
  3. Inside of thigh
  4. Inside of upper arm/elbow
  5. Feet/ankle
  6. Inside of wrist
  7. Hands/fingers
  8. Armpit
  9. Outer area of the shoulder
  10. Hip area
  11. Shin area
  12. Back of ear
  13. Upper area of the back


Prior to getting a tattoo, you may want to check if the area that you have chosen for your tattoo could be painful.  It is best to avoid having to stop midway through your tattoo due to pain. It is very common that artists may have to stop tattooing so the client can take a break to recover from the pain.  


At Stories of the Ink, we recommend you consult with your tattoo artist about your tattoo plan prior to your appointment.  Together, you can determine where on your body is best for your tattoo. Getting tattooed can be painful, however, everyone’s pain tolerance will vary.  Some people experience no pain whatsoever and some people experience varying pain. If you want to hear stories about other’s tattoo experiences, email us at

Yours, Zoe

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