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Is TAT- What I Think It Is?

Is Tat-What I think It Is?

When getting a tattoo there are many factors you might want to take into account before you commit.  It is important to know whether or not you have sensitive skin as some tattoo ink can cause rashes and itchiness.   The colors that might typically cause a reaction are red, green, yellow, and blue dyes. Interestingly enough, your skin can “mask” these side effects for years after you get your tattoo.

Rashes are not the only complication that can occur during, or after your tattoo is completed.  Some people can get skin infections. If the tattoo site on your skin is not cleaned properly it can become red and form pus, leading to an infection that can circulate throughout the body.  If you see pus or redness, alert your doctor as soon as possible to start medication. Another skin complication that can occur from getting a tattoo is Secondary Sarcoidal Granuloma. This condition can occur many years after the placement of the tattoo.  It can appear as dry, flakey, discolored skin, and is typically caused by injection of skin pigments. Keloids can also develop after getting a tattoo. It appears as a scar or bump that are tough and rise above the skin. It is not a health risk, but you might want it to be removed or reduced with a shot of Corticosteroid.

It is important to be aware that any time a needle is in use ( as it is in tattooing), the risk of bloodborne diseases are present.   If the artist is not hygienic with their equipment, the client is at risk of contracting bloodborne diseases. Some of the diseases are, but not limited to Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.

At Stories of the Ink, we want all of our followers to be safe and mindful of the risks of getting a tattoo if it is not done correctly. Before getting your tattoo, we advise you to check the cleanliness of the tattoo shop that you have chosen.  (Does it appear to be a professional studio? Are artists wearing gloves? What is there sterilization process? etc) Check out our tattoo parlor directory, to read reviews and help you decide which shop is best for you!    If you have any questions, email us at

Yours Zoe

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