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I Wouldn’t Do Tat If I Were You…

I Wouldn’t Do Tat If I Were You

Previously, on Stories of the Ink,  on April 8th, 2019.  In this blog, we talked about the Dos and Don’ts with getting tattoos.  Who knew there were more Don’ts than we knew! One of the biggest Don’t when getting a tattoo is DO NOT SHOW UP UNDER THE INFLUENCE!  Below are some reasons why artists will either turn you away, or your tattoo will not be up to your standards when under the influence.


  • Decrease in Blood Clotting
  • Increase Chance of Excessive Bleeding
  • Negative Feedback and Impact on the Artist and Shop


Decrease in Blood Clotting/ Increase Chance of Excessive Bleeding

Drinking alcohol can cause your blood to thin.  Alcohol lowers your platelet levels so blood cannot clot, and lowers levels of fibrinogen (which helps clot your blood as well).  When getting a tattoo your skin is being punctured multiple times so if you are under the influence you have a greater chance of excessive bleeding because your blood clotting agent levels have lowered.


When getting a tattoo excessive bleeding can have some negative effects on you and the outcome of your tattoo.  When there is more blood surrounding the tattoo it is harder to see the stencil of your design making the tattoo more difficult for the artist to do. Blood also can dilute the tattoo ink, making the new tattoo look old, faded, and less vibrant! Getting a tattoo when your blood is thinning can also leave the healing process to go south. When the blood is thin your tattoo will scab very heavily and this can affect your tattoo’s overall look over time.


Negative Feedback and Impact on the Artist and Shop:

Tattooing is a professional job and being a professional, you always want to put your best work out.  We can all admit that we know someone who, when “under the influence” can become “obnoxious, fidgety, and quick-tempered”.  If an artist is trying to tattoo someone who is constantly moving, yelling, or causing a scene, it is hard for the artist to concentrate and perform their best work.  


If the artist is performing under less than optimum conditions the quality of the tattoo will not be up to par and can cause that artist’s shop to lose ratings. Before getting tattooed many will research the shop and the artist to make sure they are the best of the best.  If there are bad reviews with pictures of failed tattoo art, that artist’s reputation can be tarnished. A word of advice- if you are an artist… do not tattoo someone who is intoxicated to avoid this problem!  


At  we want all tattoo shops, artists, and clients to be happy with their work!  To avoid any problems with your future reputation, the quality of your work, or even the slightest of struggle with those who are intoxicated, we suggest that you turn the client away and let them think before they ink! If you have any stories or further facts about “drunk tattooing” share with us!

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Happy and Safe Tattooing!

Yours, Zoe

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