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I Wanted This Tattoo, But Maybe I Should Wait…

I Wanted This Tattoo, but Maybe I Should Wait…

Getting a tattoo is one of those, “think before you ink” moments.  In previous blogs, “ Is This the Right Tattoo For Me?”( February 13th, 2019), and “Check Twice, Tattoo Once”( February 23rd, 2019),  Stories of the Ink went into detail about how it is important to think through all the steps before getting a tattoo; the design, the shop, the artist, the location, the amount of money you are willing to spend, your future job(s), and your future family.  Ironically, even after thinking it over a million times, some still get tattoos that they ultimately regret. Some are lucky though, they are able to catch themselves during the planning process and realized this is not for them.

Tattoos are an interesting concept.  The idea behind them usually stems from the thought that “ this image or quote means the world to that person, and they have to have it on them forever”.  For some, it is the impulse to get inked, while for others, they can totally relate to an image or words but not so much to have it on their bodies forever.  Many people think getting a tattoo is a great experience and something they will never regret when more times than not people do regret them.

For those who have had a tattoo idea and then decided against it, there are usually a few common reasons why they “bailed” on the idea. For starters, money. Someone can want something so badly, but once you see the pretty price tag on it they decide against it.  Another reason some decide against a tattoo is due to the fear of having something permanent on their body. Some may think they love this idea now, but will they in years to come?  Will their future job be okay with it? will future loved ones and kids be okay with it? There are so many things to consider before being tattooed. Yes, it is your body; however, your body and it’s presence may affect those around you.

At we love everything tattoo.  However, when it comes to someone’s future and well-being we will advise putting an abundance of thought into making the decision whether or not to get a tattoo.  Before getting inked, think over the idea, the design, the location, the shop, and the artist for a few days before committing. Make sure this is really something that you want.  If you have any questions, talk to local tattoo artists for advice here at our tattoo parlor directory.

Happy and Safe Tattooing!

Yours, Zoe

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