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I Want It, I Got to Have It!

I Want It, I Got to Have It!

Have you heard that getting tattoos can be addicting?  Once you get your first tattoo, it is likely that you will get more in the years to come. For some, this is true, while for others it is one and done.  It is likely that those with multiple tattoos get them because of the emotions/feelings they experience when getting tattooed.

In the past, those with tattoos were typically criminals, biker gangs, and sailors.  Today, tattoos are mainstream; for all types of people in all social classes. Here are three common reasons some might get “ addicted” to tattoos:

The Feeling of Achievement:  The cost and pressure of getting a tattoo may be consuming.  When one gets a tattoo they may feel accomplished in that they earned the money to get their tattoo and portray it on themselves for others to see.  The pressure may also consume them because many people anticipate the pain of getting the tattoo. Once they complete the process, they feel strong because they were “able to survive” and successfully achieved their goal!

The Adrenaline Surge: It is quite normal to be nervous about getting a tattoo!  For some, it can make them so nervous, they back out, while for others, they enjoy the feeling so much they want to repeat it as much as possible.  People can get an adrenaline rush from many things. Once they find what piques their interest and excites them, they never want that feeling to leave, and that could mean…more tattoos.

Self- Expression: People of all ages look for ways to express their individuality.  For some its art, music, clothes… While for many, its tattoos! Some have found that tattoos are the perfect way for them to express their feelings, dreams, interests, or values.  Tattoos can be one way to show our unique selves.

At Stories of the Ink, we love to see how everyone expresses themselves and the stories behind their ink!  As a growing tattoo community, we try to have everyone’s story heard.

Email us at and share all of your tattoo experiences and stories.

Yours, Zoe

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