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How Will This Look in Years to Come?

How Will This Look in Years to Come?

We don’t like to think about it, but one day we all will become old and wrinkly.   As we age our skin gets drier, cracks, peels, fades, and sadly, it wrinkles. One of the most common arguments against tattoos is how they will look as we age.  But frankly, who cares? Your body is a beautiful piece of art, and whatever changes your body goes through, so will your tattoo! 

Between growing, aging,  pregnancy, surgery, or whatever it may be, the human body endures many changes.  There are some ways to avoid changes to your tattoo as your body changes; they may not stop the inevitable, however, they may help to keep your tattoo looking bright and crisp.  

If you moisturize your skin regularly you are healing it,   and helping your skin so it does not dry out and crack. The moisturizer also helps the tattoo stay more vibrant in color. 

Being sun conscious will also help your skin and your tattoo in years to come.  The UV rays from the sun are at an all-time high this year. Always protect your skin.  Wrinkles and that “leathery” feeling from tanned skin can be prevented by using sunscreen.  Applying sunscreen all over, including on your tattoo can help the colors of your ink from not fading and keeping the skin tight and intact.  


At  we understand that things happen in life and your body and tattoos will change over time.  If you are unhappy with how your tattoo looks years down the line, do not fret! Talk to your Tattoo Artist about coloring in your tattoo, making it look crisp and brand new!  

Yours, Zoe

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