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Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Stories of the Ink has aired Season 2, Episode 2.  The Stories of the Ink Crew went to the NYC Tattoo Expo a few months back.  While there, they met some amazing artists, people, and tattoo enthusiasts ( like yourself). 

Go on YouTube, check out all of the “tat-tastic” tattoos we were able to film and witness being tattooed.  Also, be prepared, some of these stories behind their ink will knock your socks off!

Do you have a tattoo?  What’s the story behind it?  Send in a video and image of your tattoo, explaining what it means to you, and why you go it.  You too can be on our next episode! Email us at 

Happy Watching! 

Yours, Zoe

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