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Check Twice, Tattoo Once

Check Twice, Tattoo Once

Getting a tattoo can either be the best day or the worst day of your life. It can be the best because you are finally getting the work of art or quote that defines etched on your body. On the other hand, it can be the worst day because the tattoo may not come out the way you hope, or the worst case scenario, words are misspelled.

Prior to being tattooed the artist will ask you what you image, style, or wording you would like.  The artist will sketch up your tattoo for your approval. You will also be asked to sign off on a document that states the tattoo is spelled correctly and appears how you would like it.  Once you sign that paper it is then set in stone. If you notice something is incorrect after the fact, the artist is not at fault.
Recently, Ariana Grande has a tattoo that she thought reads as “seven rings” in Japanese.  On the contrary, the way the tattoo actually reads is “ BBQ Grill”. Each part of the tattoo means seven wheels, however, when putting all the words together it changes the meaning of the tattoo.

Another funny example of a misspelled tattoo was in the film Meet the Millers. One of the characters had “ No Regrats” tattooed on their chest when it should have read “ No Regrets”. The character had no idea it was misspelled, and now it is forever.  These errors occur more often than you think.

At Stories of the Ink, we want to make sure that your tattoo is what it should be.  If you want a second opinion or someone to proofread your chosen phrase, reach out to us! We would be happy to help perfect your tattoo!

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