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Angel Wings

Angel Wings


Throughout my childhood my grandfather and I were very close.  He’d pick me up from school, do my homework with me, and bring me to whatever activity I had going on.  As we both got older the caretaker role switched and I would take him to doctors appointments, grocery shopping, lunch etc. When he passed away in 2009 I wanted to get a tattoo in his memory.  I went to the tattoo parlor not really knowing exactly what I wanted.  I came up with this tattoo based on combining pieces of a few different examples that were displayed at the tattoo shop.  The angel wings and halo to signify that my grandfather is my guardian angel and a cross in the middle for in loving memory. This is still my only tattoo to date, but maybe #2 will come soon!

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  1. Really inspirational. Never thought tattoo can help so much in healing wounds of a soul.


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