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Getting a tattoo can be very exciting! However, once you get the tattoo it’s not all fun and games.  Here are some tips on how to keep your tattoo clean!

  • After your tattoo, keep the bandage on your tattoo for 4 hours
  • Once you remove the bandages start to clean your tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap
  • Wash your hands before cleaning your tattoo
  • When washing your tattoo DO NOT RUB YOUR TATTOO!! With your fingers gently clean off your tattoo
  • Once you rinse the soap off with warm water GENTLY TAP OR AIR DRY your tattoo. DO NOT RUB YOUR TATTOO DRY
  • Once the tattoo is dry, with your fingers gently put on the ointment. Your ointment is usually provided to you by your artist, however, if they do not give you any ointment a CVS or pharmacy will have tattoo ointment. JUST MAKE SURE THE OINTMENT IS UNSCENTED!
  • It’s very important that you repeat this process 3-5 times a day!

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