About Us


The Story behind Stories of the Ink

I had just completed the sale of my business and was taking some time off. With more free time than I knew what to do with, I spent a lot of my time thinking, observing and contemplating the space around me. One day, while in Penn Station, NYC, I realized how quickly people around me were moving. Faces buried in their phones, walking unwittingly to their departing tracks, I suddenly felt as though I was a rock in a rapidly flowing river. (Actually, I was a still standing obstruction in the way of their flowing path). I never wanted to exist on auto pilot. I want to live in “real time”. I want to connect. Underneath the hard shells that people wear to get through their days, I believe that all people want to connect as well. People want to be seen.

What better time than now? I put my cell phone in my pocket. How do you engage with people who are purposely trying to avoid talking to anyone? Easy…You get them to talk about themselves. (After years of Sales Training, that tip came out of the Sales 101 playbook).

The Tattoo! It is their brand! It is their way of reaching out! The tattoo has become a way for people to etch a reminder, to provide a regular memento of something significant TO THEM.

Initially, and a bit uneasily, I approached someone and asked them about their Tattoo. The flood gates opened and I learned more than I ever needed to about this stranger! I spoke to waitresses, construction workers, first responders, and so many more. It WAS easy! The stories were poignant, meaningfuI, and captivating. I was becoming the change I wanted to see in the world.
What better way to connect and affect change than one person at a time? I needed to share this with…well, the world!!

My adventure began. Stumbling through the process of finding people to interview, filming, production, and editing, I actually completed my first group of episodes with some bruises, but many lessons learned. Some of the lessons learned will be incorporated into the series as an overlying story arc with my development in this venture. Tune in, follow along, and PLEASE share the story of YOUR Ink with us on the site!


The Website

The site is a Forum for Ink Inclined INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS to Connect and Tell their Stories. PLEASE always include a picture of your Tattoo! We are like-minded visually inspired people.

ATTENTION TATTOO ARTISTS! We have created something special for you – Claim a Page and use it as the blog for your business.YOU can share original designs along with the stories attached them. Then, link this page to your website, social media sites, or use it as a destination or forward from your domain.

Do you Belong to an INTERESTING Group? Contact Us to be part of a future episode!
We have met some amazing people with amazing stories! Whether you are a group of Sky Divers or History Buffs…we want to connect you! We are all about Diversity!

Fun Stuff

It wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t a little silly at times. We put together a wish list for content as well as a scavenger hunt list of specific tattoos that we’d love to find and hear the story behind. Check out our Scavenger Hunt page

In Closing

Connect to your fellow man. Get your head out of your device and engage the people and world around you. You may just make a few new friends and maybe change the world!

-Jimmy LaSalle