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A Tattoo Reflects Your Soul

A Tattoo Reflects Your Soul

Since you have landed on this page, it is safe to assume that you are either interested in body art or are considering getting one. An interesting tribal art form which has gone through centuries of transformation and has gained new meaning, the tattoos have become an individual’s channel of expression and storytelling. Even tattoos that have now become commonplace have a history to them.

Today’s piece is all about how a tattoo can be meaningful, symbolic or pictorial and yet open to interpretation. Nowadays, people are more conscious of their thought process, life story and personal preferences and this reflect in the tattoos they get. The tattoo is a permanent embellishment that speaks volumes about your past, your struggles and your achievements.

Perhaps that is the reason why we see so many unique body arts these days, where previously the art only existed in a limited, exclusive space. With tattoos being socially accepted and becoming a symbol of one’s inner personality, the more people are personalizing their tattoos than ever before.

At Stories of the Ink, we have researched tattoos and the ethos that go with them for a long time, and love to connect the growing community of body artwork artists and those who love to flaunt their unique tattoos. It all began with a social experiment to connect with individuals outside of the social media and digital kingdom, and the connection that we discovered was phenomenal. Every tattoo had a story, an inspiration, behind it and we believed that it was something magical that people saw daily and yet knew nothing about.

Today, we have a veritable community of individuals from all walks of life, discussing their life stories and the tattoos they have or plan to get. It is an open and very friendly community, where you can not only connect with some of the best minds in the body art industry but also get cues for discovering your inner symbolism and creating a tattoo that reflects your soul.

So, do join us and share your experience, your story and your tattoo story.

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